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Meditoxin (Neuronox) -Injectable Botulinum Toxin
Meditoxin (Neuronox) -Injectable Botulinum Toxin
Meditoxin (Neuronox) -Injectable Botulinum Toxin
Meditoxin (Neuronox) -Injectable Botulinum Toxin

Meditoxin (Neuronox) -Injectable Botulinum Toxin

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Your botulinum toxin substitute for Botox!

Active Ingredient:

Clostridium botulinum type A (Hall group)

Need to know more about the product, please consult: Meditoxin VS Botox

instruction Keep sealed and store at 2~8°C
Expiry date 36 months from date of manufacture
Packing unit 1 vial
Division POM (prescription-only medicine)
Appearance A white injectable dry powder in a transparent glass vial which should become a colorless, transparent liquid when reconstituted with a solvent (normal saline solution)
Efficacy / effect

1. The Treatment of Positive Essential Eyelid Convulsion in Adults aged 18 and over
2. Temporary Improvement of Severe Lasso wrinkles in Adults aged 18 to 65 years of age, associated with Corrugator Muscle and/or Procerus Muscle activities
3. Muscle Stroke : Treatment of Upper Limb Stroke in Adults aged 20 or older
4. Treatment of Dynamic Equinus Foot Deformity in children with cerebral palsy over 2 years old. Temporary Improvement of External Angles (Eye Wrinkles) of Secondary Ideals Related to Orbicularis Oculi Muscle Activity in Adults aged 19 to 65

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